Necro Raiders

nr_iphone.png Necro Raiders [NR] is an old school gaming guild primary focused on PvP game play in Guild Wars. The guild was founded in September 2006 with the aim to play top level GvG in Guild Wars 1. We managed to hold our ground among the Top 20 guilds for more than 2 years before disbanding.

For Guild Wars 2 we decided to resurrect the guild and try out the sPvP gaming modes during the first months after release. Disappointed with the gameplay and general low quality of the sPvP model in Guild Was 2 we re-focused on the WvW game play as it was much closer to the GvG format from Guild Wars 2. We initially started to play organized WvW on the Ring of Fire server but decided to move to out new home, Aurora Glade in February 2013. During our time on Aurora we have integrated ourselves well into the server community which consisted of many other prominent WvW and GvG guilds.However after more than a year on Aurora we have decided to return to Ring of Fire with the aim to bring it into silver for season II WvW.


  • Ralin - Guild Master, Commander
  • Trist - sPvP specialist, Backup Commander
  • Drevo - Siege Master, Achievement Hunter
  • The Tb - Theory Crafter, GvG Commander
  • Sakalito - Commander


  • March 19, 2014
    We have moved back to our home server Ring of Fire. Rising it out of the bronze and into the silver. See you in the league. Farewell Aurora.
  • February 28, 2014
    Thank you Schlossen Time [ST] for an excellent GvG. The difference in experience between us was eye opening. We have learned a lot.

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  • Open Mic Event - On Hold

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